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Your Job is what you are assigned to do. It defines what equipment you start with, your ID card access, and what you're actually supposed to be doing.

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You should also read up about Laws, so you know your rights, and Standard Operating Procedure so you know what you should usually do.

Due to the colony's open recruitment principle, you might encounter some interesting new Species working alongside you.


Job Role Difficulty
The premier is a volunteer position each shift usually picked from an existing head of staff, though anyone may chosen. They are the only person on station capable of changing someones access to a new department. Premiers arbitrate disputes between departments, represent those arrested by the marshals, and are capable of vetoing any decision by the council. In addition, the premier acts as an internal affairs agent and lawyer to ensure all legislative functions are fulfilled, such as payroll, and to safeguard against high crimes like embezzlement or fraud. Very Hard
You guard the theoretically most powerful acting man on the colony during the average shift. Stewards are given an special rig suit and weaponry and are expected to follow and listen to the premier as well as provide counsel when asked. Stewards answer to nobody except the premier himself, though they are expected to ensure to premier is acting appropriately at all times. Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Blackshield Commander
The Blackshield commander is the first line of defense in the colony. They function as the leader during times of crisis and are expected to command and lead all Blackshield members into battle. Blackshield commanders are expected to lead from the front lines and fight alongside their men while directing them in the colony's defense. Very Hard
Sergeants are trained drill instructors and senior operatives who perform duties similar to the Blackshield commander but in a less official capacity. They are expected to maintain order in the ranks and ensure both he Blackshield and marshals are acting in ways befitting security team members. Otherwise, a sergeant is the Blackshield commanders right hand man and de-facto leader if the commander is missing or down. Hard
Corpsmen are trained field medics and surgeons who perform triage in or around the heat of battle. They are expected to prioritize removing the wounding and patching them up or if not possible taking them to medbay. Unlike a standard paramedic a corpsmen is expected to be armed and provide fire support when not healing. Hard
The colonies rank and file grunts. The trooper is the first in and last out of every code red or greater scenario. When not in active conflict troopers are expected to patrol the exterior of the colony and when requested provide fire support to the prospectors and marshals. In addition, they may be assigned to guard or protect specific assets such as locations or colonists. Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Warrant Officer
The warrant officer is the one expected to sign and fill out all the paperwork for arrest warrants, search warrants, or permits. They also provide support, communication, and direction for marshal operatives as they conduct their day to day business. The warrant officer is expected to know the law and standard operating procedure to the letter and acts as the final say criminal convictions. Soul Crushing
Supply Specialist
The supply specialist is the sole authority over the colonies armory, with only the warrant officer and council above them, they supply the marshals and blackshield with everything they need from ammunition both lethal and non-lethal, batteries, medical supplies, and crime scene kits. Hard
The rangers act as investigators both within and outside the colony and are expected to interview suspects, find evidence, and create solve mysteries or cases. Unlike a standard officer a ranger can freely come and go from the colony and is expected to be more self reliant. Hard
Marshal Officer
The marshal officer is the colonies police force and act as such. They perform arrests, secure locations for the public good, and generally keep the peace. Officers are expected to be good at deescalation and settling matters in the most optimal way. When words fail, they are expected to use non-lethal methods to ensure public safety. Hard

Artificers Guild

Job Role Difficulty
Guild Master
The guild master is the sole authority on station modifications. They are expected to assign tasks to their adepts and keep things organized and running smoothly. In addition to setting up the power the guild master should ensure atmospherics and the colonies integrity is kept in peak condition. Medium
Guild Adept
Guild adepts are assigned the role of keeping the station running smoothly. They should coordinate with the guild master or with each other to assign tasks and ensure the stations integrity is kept. In addition to maintaining atmospherics and general station property guild adepts are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment. Medium

Lonestar Shipping Solutions

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Executive Officer
The chief executive officer is responsible for most of the supply and service departments in the colony. They should organize each of their individual departments to work together to make as much profit as possible. The CEO should coordinate between each department so cargo supplies the kitchen with what it needs and mining gives cargo the material it needs for the right amount of points. He should also advise prices and potential sales, including buying items from crew and prospectors. Medium
Cargo Technician
The cargo techs handle all imports and exports to the cargo warehouse through the elevator ordering console. They are tasked with loading and unloading crates, properly packaging exports, and delivering imports to the correct buyer. In addition cargo techs may set the prices for items they both sell and purchase to make a tidy profit. Easy
Lonestar Miner
The lonestar miner is one of the most dangerous civilian jobs, tasked with going deep underground to mine precious ores for that they then smelt into usable material to give to cargo for sale. Lonestar miners are also given weaponry to combat potentially hostile wildlife they may encounter. Easy
The bartender serves drinks to the colonists be they alcoholic or other. The bartender is expected to keep the bar pleasant, clean, and accessible for all patrons to relax in. In addition to mixing complex drinks the bartender should work hand in hand with the chef and botanist to have a wide variety of choices for sale. Easy
The botanist grows produce specifically for the kitchen and bar for food and drinks. In addition botanist are capable of growing any variety of plant they wish to sell to individual crew members, provided it isn't contraband. Gardener may also coordinate with scientist to increase the yield and growth speed of various crops. Easy
The chef is expected to cook a variety of meals using whatever produce and food the botanist or cargo brings them. The chef is expected to sell a variety of meals to patrons and make a profit doing so. The chefs may also task colony members with bringing them meat, either by order of cargo or buying hunted animals. Easy
The janitor's primary job is to keep the station clean by mopping floors and cleaning up departments. This primarily involves cleaning up after crew members who track oil from maintenance, the occasionally roach infestation, or the cleaning of cobwebs (and sometimes giant spiders). Due to vermin extermination being a dangerous task at times, janitors are given use of traps, armor, and weaponry of their choice. Easy
The actor's primary job is to assume a role using various costumes and other items to provide entertainment to the crew. This includes dressing up as a clown or mime, holding a stand up comedy routine to tell jokes, or creating community events such as art exhibits or dinners. The limit is only a persons imagination. Easy

The Prospectors

Job Role Difficulty
Expedition Foreman
The expedition foreman is the boss of the prospector team and acts as the leader during outings. Expedition foreman have a wide variety of skills and are expected to fill in or assist their subordinates when needed should it be for medical, combat, or salvage reasons. The foreman also has the final say on looting rights for who gets what salvage, in addition to what can and can't be sold to other colonists. Hard
The prospectors are the brawn of the expedition and are equally capable in melee or range combat. Prospectors are expected to focus primarily on combat and use their abilities to slay various creatures and threats that the expedition encounters. Medium
The salvagers are the brains of the expedition team capable of providing both technical and medical support. Their primary focus is healing the prospectors as they become injured and recovering any valuable loot. This often includes using tools to take apart broken down machines or shoveling through refuse piles in search of something of value. Medium

Soteria Medical Division

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Biolab Overseer
The chief biolab overseer is the sole authority of the soteria medical division and has the final say in medical treatment matters and medical concerns. The biolab overseer is expected to know every aspect of his department and capable of fulfilling any role at any given time as needed. However, they can and should delegate tasks to their staff and ensure everyone is fulfilling their role properly. Underappreciated
Soteria Doctor
Medical doctors are expected to be on call to diagnose and treat patients that arrive in the medical bay. Medical doctors are expected to know how to work and set up cryo, perform surgery, and what chemicals to use to cure specific conditions. Medical should also know how to make the four basic healing chemicals and should know enough about psychology to determine if someone is mentally unwell and should be verified. Tiresome
Orderlies are the guards of medical and act as the right hand man of the chief biolab officer. Their primary duty is to ensure unneeded personnel are removed from medical, nothing is stolen or taken, and any outbreaks within medical or science are contained. The orderly is also expected to act as a nurse, aiding medical doctors in treating patients and paramedics in retrieving the injured. Unlike other medical jobs, orderlies are given standard weapons and equipment to use in dealing with unruly people. Monotonous
A psychologist is a complex role that is used to determine if a crew member is sane enough for active duty or not. A psychologist is expected to listen to and give advice to general crew members and see dangerous individuals who's behavior has become erratic. Mind Bending
A paramedic is expected to be on call for all emergency and non-emergency responses outside of medbay, such as a crew member passing out or dying within the colony itself. They are expected to treat minor injuries and heal the injured within reason. In the case of dead on arrival or critical patients the paramedic should transport patients in body bags or stasis bags so they may be healed or revived with ease. Exhausting

Soteria Research Division

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Research Overseer
The chief research overseer handles the science portion of the soteria. They are expected to have a healthy knowledge of all areas of their department from genetics to robotics and should ensure that research is done every shift. The CRO is also responsible for approving and denying experimental procedures and tests such as plasma tests, weapons testing, or genetics research on humanoids. Medium
Soteria_Scientist are the main driving force of the research department and may work on a variety of tasks on any given shift from anomaly research to xenobiology. Soteria_Scientists are expected to follow safe procedure when conducting themselves and shouldn't take unnecessary risks without the proper paperwork filed and stamped. Medium
Robotics is the busiest department in research and sees the most interaction with general crew. Soteria_Roboticist build, upgrade, and repair all colony-bound cyborgs and offer cybernetic implantation or replacement to organic crew. Soteria_Roboticist should know the ins and outs of their assigned tasks dealing with cyborgs and be capable of surgery to graft cybernetic limbs. Medium

Orden Hospitaller

Job Role Difficulty
The Confessor serves as the head of the local branch of the Orden Hospitaller. You represent the interest of the church and its disciples within the colony - identified by the cruciform implant upon their breast.Your most pressing duty is as a spiritual leader. Preach to the flock, inspire faith and strength, and convert those seeking salvation. Medium
The Chaplaincy serves the City, and more generally the Order, as medical professionals.The duties of operating the bioreactor and managing biomass supplies fall to you, but you are also expected to provide aid wherever it is requested or required. Easy to Medium
The Knighthood serves the City, and more generally the Order, as the penultimate Search and Rescue specialists.You are responsible for directly overseeing the efforts of the Brother-Sergeants and the recovery teams they lead.You should also work to present the Order in a positive light to all citizens. The Confessor may issue you with further duties. Medium
The Knighthood serves the City, and more generally the Order, as the penultimate Search and Rescue specialists. You are responsible for leading a team of Brother-Corporals on search and rescue missions. You should also work to present the Order in a positive light to all citizens. The Confessor may issue you with further duties. Medium
The Knighthood serves the City, and more generally the Order, as the penultimate Search and Rescue specialists.You are responsible for participating in search and rescue missions. You are also expected to defend your patients with your life.You should also work to present the Order in a positive light to all citizens. The Confessor may issue you with further duties. Medium


Job Role Difficulty
The artificial intelligence essentially is the colony and functions as an all seeing eye capable of manipulating most machines and working as a communicator. The AI also speaks with and communicates with the station bound synthetics and may give them orders as needed. While the AI is instructed to follow any orders from a colonist it is ultimately loyal only to the chief research overseer and chief biolab overseer. Extremely Hard
Generic borg.png
Station bound cyborgs and robots are machines capable of manipulating the station much like the AI and function as a more direct but far less broad means of aiding the colony. Robots come in various modules with tools for multiple situations and provide additional supports to various departments, but ultimately answer only to the AI or if missing one the chief research overseer and chief biolab overseer. Medium to Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Off-Duty Personnel Off-Duty Personnel have worked hard for the opportunity to do nothing, and get paid nothing for their efforts. Slacker


Job Role Difficulty
The ideal newcomer role. You have no official position within the colony. You will not be paid a wage. Figure it out